Trip Advisor Hotel Reviews

So what is, and how do we as hotel consumers get the most use out of the site?

Tripadvisor, is a non-biased user generated review forum where guests/consumers may go on-line and post a review about their most recent experience at a certain hotel. As a general rule of thumb, anyone is allowed to post a review on Tripadvisor however, they do have staff that detects and monitors abusive reports for those looking tarnish.

This is a great tool that hotels as well as guests can use to see what experience others have had in the past at one particular location. Hotels use this as a resource for areas of improvement, where can they grow, what areas need development, what did guests love about their experiences, so forth and so on.

Any Hotel’s #1 goal is customer service and if it’s not you shouldn’t stay there, we wouldn’t be around if it was not for guests like you. Our goal is not to give the guest a room for the night, but rather an experience they will not soon forget. The majority of people, who stay at a hotel depending on your market, are either leisure, or business travelers of some sort. If that is the case, why are they going to revisit? It is because of the staff, atmosphere, and overall experience. At Hotel Indigo – Asheville Downtown, we create opportunities with guests, because our staff truly is passionate about what they do, and that is customer service. If you have the opportunity to come and check our beautiful hotel, please try us out you will not leave without wanting to come back!

Next time you visit a hotel whether it is our or not, go on Tripadvisor and check out some of the great tools that they offer for guests like you seeking a great place to stay. When you post a review, remember whatever you post will be read by a large amount of people, so be honest and truthful about what you say!

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