Throw Back Thursday

Hotel Indigo- We embrace the crazy.  Even your most bizarre request can be fulfilled {well, let’s rephrase that. Even your most bizarre request can be fulfilled within legal and ethical limits}  In honor of Throw Back Thursdays, I present to you my favorite Inspiration from the Year of the Snake.  
What happens when you combine an over caffeinated Concierge Team member with a guest who has a great sense of humor?  Madness.  You requested rose petals and sparkles and a unicorn? No problem, as we are an amazing team, we’ve got this. Below is the end result of a very last minute plan.

Best Job Ever
See full letter below

February 17, 2013
Hotel Indigo-Asheville Downtown
Beloved Guest,
We saw your request for a unicorn.  Unfortunately this is the wrong season.  Due to their migratory habits, unicorns currently inhabit the second star to the right of twilight.  They are expected to return to Asheville sometime this June.  In the meantime {as Asheville is known among many circles as the Unicorn Capital of the South}, we hope that you can accept this very accurate artist rendition of our native fauna.  If this unacceptable, we do profusely apologize.  As you are not the first guest to express interest in our local wildlife, we have planned a meeting with the head unicorn, Lord Mangus Biffy of the Rainbows on perhaps adjusting his peoples/horses/mythical creatures move to somewhere outside the universe to better align with our guest wishes.
                   Our sincerest apologies,
                   The Society of Proper and Right Unicorn Caretaking

So as Mark Antony once said “Random People, Hotel Guest, Community Members, send us your most Bizarre Request!” {that may not be exactly what Shakespeare wrote, but hey, this a blog not a term paper so artistic license is allowed}

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