Asheville Smiles in The Suites at 151

The Suites at 151 is very unique. These condominiums sit a top Hotel Indigo in Downtown Asheville, North Carolina. We proudly opened our establishment on November 9th of 2009, and have been very happy with the outcome of the rented condos. (The Suites at 151) We rent to locals and non-locals alike, for a wide array of offerings including, birthday parties, anniversaries, accommodations’, corporate meeting, wedding parties and more.

Nothing makes a job more memorable than a smiling face of a satisfied customer. One in particular customer leased one of our larger condos, for his wife’s 45th birthday party. It was amazing; the husband brought his wife to the hotel lobby beforehand to have a couple of drinks in our Phi Bar & Bistro with some friends. The husband asked for a site tour of the condos, unbeknownst to his wife, her party was just a few minutes away! I being the manager on duty happily took the couple to condo 11A, where you could see the mountains of Tennessee! When she entered her reaction was one that I will never forget, because aside from her wonderful friends, she was completely thankful and utterly surprised by the atmosphere, and how well the secret was kept!

These are the moments that are lasting. Some individuals think that the condos are very expensive to lease however, it is quite the contrary. Our prices for the condos are very accommodating whether it is winter, spring, or fall. Call us directly at 1-877-274-4990 or make reservations online at:

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