Paste names Burial one of the Best Breweries of 2016

Beer-themed vacations reign king in a destination like Asheville, North Carolina. 

From saisons to barrel aged imperial stouts, Asheville’s breweries have a flavor for every palette. Most recently, Paste Magazine declared one of our favorite breweries, Burial Beer Company, one of the Best Breweries of 2016. 

“There’s little doubt that in beer geek circles they’re the “IT brewery” of Asheville, an ever-evolving community where competition is fierce and hype is fleeting…Sure, they make a ridiculous number of IPAs (new ones every month, seemingly), but they’re also making an excellent variety of saisons, Belgian ales, porters and stouts. Most breweries might make one saison and call it a day—not Burial.” – Jim Vorel of Best Breweries of 2016 of Paste Magazine

Burial Beer Company is located in Asheville’s burgeoning South Slope, a hot-spot of local breweries. Partake in Burial’s experiential Brewing Monday thru Thursdays from 4PM – 10PM, Fridays from 2PM-10PM, Saturdays from 12PM – 10PM or Sundays from 12PM – 10PM. A ten-barrel brewhouse with one pilot system, Burial cranks out something creative and new on a weekly basis, while continuously pouring their perfected favorites. 

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