Katie’s Gypsy Queen Cuisine Experience

Katie’s adventures to the lot… trying Gypsy Queen Cuisine
After 3 missteps and two hours after the initial
idea, I made it to the Gypsy Queen Cuisine Food Truck.  That day I learned
a valuable lesson, they closed at 3pm on Mondays and that their staff was as
wonderful as their food.  During the prior two hours, I looked up the menu
and settled on Schwarma as my “new lunch item in Asheville of the
week”.  I lacked any ideas as to what schwarma was. 
Unfortunately, I didn’t spend the extra minute or so to investigate the
descriptor underneath the title.  All I remember seeing was shredded
chicken (which I will eat) and fresh tomatoes (which I sometimes try to eat).
{chicken shawarma – $8 –
and all-natural chicken, marinated in Suzy’s special blend of herbs and spices
and slowly braised to perfection.  Served in a pita with parsley, tomatoes
and an amazing house-made garlic sauce.}

Being a fan of all things nerdy, my first and only exposure to Schwarma was
through the Avengers movie (thanks
Joss Whendon). I spent a month speculating what this strange sounding delicacy
was.  Well, I learned it was delicious!  If asked, I still couldn’t
explain the ingredients except that I now know it Lebanese in origins, and that
gypsy queen has a love of garlic to match my own.  Oh, and there’s organic
chicken in it.

Schwarma might have remained a mystery to me if not for one thing (this is
where the 3pm lesson comes in).  The man working the food truck served me
at 3:15. There is no shortage of great food and service in Downtown
Asheville.  But to have an exemplary example of both was a treat that
day-plus it assuaged my inner geek. What made this stand out was the guy’s
enthusiasm for the food he was preparing.  He was genuinely excited (which
fed my ego) about my choice, and spent his time cooking explain how great Schwarma
The food truck lot at 51 Coxe Ave is a pleasant 10 min walk from the Hotel Indigo Asheville Downtown.  This is a great way to experience food as local
or just a lover of great food.

Gypsy Queen Cuisine operates Mondays, Wednesday, Friday and Saturdays lunches
until 3pm.

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