Hotel Indigo-Asheville Downtown Reservation Types

As a hotel manager, one of the most frequent questions that I am asked or challenges that I am faced with, is reservation types. As a consumer occupying a room for a allotted time frame at a certain hotel, we have a wide array of different booking engines that we may choose from. Within these booking engines or resources, there are a slew of different room types, but more importantly different reservation types.


There are advance booking reservations, breakfast, package, best flex, non-cancelable, and the list goes on….

1.) Your Needs: Choose a reservation type based off of your needs. Do not choose a reservation that is discounted in the short term to save money. Many consumers will book an advance purchase reservation that clearly states that it is non-refundable & non-cancelable to save a small amount, then they are stuck! This is a great option, if you know your plans will not change.
2.) Dates: When choosing your stay dates, hotels have weekend rates and week rates. If your dates are flexible choose your dates wisely to save money. Most hotels also offer AARP & AAA discounts.
3.) Terms & Conditions: No matter what site that you choose to book your reservation through, always read the terms and conditions. These are the places where the hotel or on-line site will go over with you what you’re about to agree to and confirm. This is the most important part, if you find a discounted rate; find out why it is discounted, most likely there are terms to agree to.

Following the above criteria will help save you money and raise your awareness level as to how reservation types vary and why. There are some great rates that you can take advantage of as a consumer, you just have to make sure the reservation type fits your needs.

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