Go out and read!

Books are my best friends. 
My shelves are stacked half way up my wall with them, and I even went so
far as to re-purpose my pantry {instead of food, it is filled
with science fiction, romance and some esoteric stuff the man-bear
loves}  I like to imagine they hold bi weekly meetings about
the eminent takeover of my apartment.  Their only competitors
for household domination are my cats. It’s one of the reason’s I love Asheville.
Within a ten minute walk of my home are two fantastic bookstores, Malaprop’s
and Downtown Books and News.
brings me to tonight’s event.
will be hosting yet another, not to be missed, Meet the Author Showcase.
 This time featuring an author/illustrator duo, a husband and wife tag team of
awesomeness, or as some may call them, Colin Meloy {The Decemberists} and
Carson Ellis {illustrator of The Mysterious Benedict Society}
couple is speaking about their upcoming release, Wildwood Imperium, the highly anticipated third book in
the Wildwood series.  It starts at 7pm and cost 15 dollars at the door.

And much like Levare Burton from Reading
Rainbow, don’t take my word for it. Instead, you should listen to a very good
friend of mine.  She squeed like high-pitched unicorn waltzing in some
very thorny bushes when the first in series came out.
Tickets can be purchased at Malaprop’s or here.

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