DATE NIGHT Asheville

Sorry-food was too good to photograph before eating
Or alternately:
the man-bear takes me for a night on the not-downtown.  We like to do
everything in threes apparently {I guess because awesome happens in threes?}
For Dinner, one
of my favorite “in the know” spots, Home Grown.  All comfort food all the
time, locally sourced and many times organic.  This is a restaurant that
lives up to its name. I’ve had a bit of everything off the menu from the pasta
carbonara {velvety rich goodness with fresh peas} to the catfish po-boy. But to
be honest, now I only order the Buttermilk Fried Chicken with Mushroom Gravy
and a side of mashed potatoes {if I’m feeling particularly special, I’ll make
it a double of the taters}.  
It was like
watching Chaos Theory in practice; in a ten person line, eight ordered the
fried chicken.  My bear and I were the butterfly, the dude at the end with
an IMPRESSIVE beard, the tsunami.  Did I mention Homegrown is counter
service only, and also was at one point a four bedroom house–oh, and on the
former site of Picnics {land of the dancing Chicken}?  If not, there ya
go, really all you need to know is that this place is delicious.
Hey Look-Tree Nuts
The Man Bear reading Gene Wolf
For Dessert,
right up the road to Dough. I LOVE LOVE LOVE them.  I’ve only tried the
desserts but word on the street is everything’s fantastic.  This time
though, it was the Bear’s treat, and I had cake! Wonderful, rich moist cake,
made from thyme and orange, which caused heart palpitations from the joy of
eating it.  He went the more traditional route with a sticky bun {this was
also the time we learned Bear was allergic to tree nuts-oops}.  They keep
bakery hours, opening early {for me at least} at 8am and closing most nights at
Best cake EVER

Directed by Wes Anderson
At lastly,
Carolina Cinemas {bet you thought we’d go to a bar, so ha}. This is a great
venue that shows both independent and big budget films with added benefit of
serving local beers {which makes it kind of a bar, but hey}.  I may or may
not have had super narcissistic moment and requested to see the Grande Budapest
Hotel.  I also may or may not have kept calling it the Grand Bohemian
Hotel, and confused about six different people. If you have an opportunity, go
see it.  Some days that is my job- I’m not a member of les clefs d’ors,
but I most certainly can wheel and deal with the best to make the impossible
happen. Jamie on the other hand, well Bill Murray only wishes…

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