“Fur”tastic Asheville Dining.

“Fur”tastic Asheville Dining
One of our concierge team’s
favorite thing to do in this city is eat, and eat well.  Asheville is a
city known for its farm-to-table culture and unique dining.  Our cuisine
ranges from traditional Southern, to Indian and beyond.  But what about
your furry family?  Many times, dining with four-legged loved one can
daunting, but have no fear, Asheville’s favorite concierge team is here. We have composed a comprehensive
list of all of Asheville’s Pet Friendly Restaurants.  But first, let’s go
over the ground rules. North Carolina Health Code mandates that pets may not dine inside public restaurants. (From the Department of Environment and Natural Resources: The state’s rule on the presence of animals at food service establishments, as enforced by the Division of Environmental Health and its agents on the local level, has been revised to allow food service establishment owners to permit cats and dogs in outdoor dining areas as long as conditions to protect public health are met.) With this in mind, the majority of Asheville’s restaurants that have outdoor seeting do allow pets to dine with their owners, so long as the pet is restrained and well-behaved. Beyond that, most restaurants will not take reservations for outdoor
seating. This is because, despite our best efforts, we cannot control the weather.  
  It is easy to enjoy this city with your pet.  So, what
we’ve done here is broken down some of our favorite dining spots into
categories.  Or, as I like to a call them, breakfast, lunch and dinner
followed by the most important meal of Micro-breweries.  The beauty of
Asheville dining is that most are interchangeable, so dine wherever you and
your pet will be comfortable.
Brunch on the Weekends
Farm Burger
Micro-Breweries (because really it
is all about the beer)

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