Where do you lunch?

Why I love Loretta’s, an essay. Or how I learned that when someone who makes a reference to the “Old Gods” is talking about HP Lovecraft, and when they talk about Iron Maiden it is not some medieval torture device.

Featured here: a very friendly staff
Kitsch is everywhere, and I do mean everywhere, more than can be found in some Goodwills {most from the Owner’s personal collection}.  The food is simple by some standards, but for me is the best lunch in town {humble thy name is Katie}. I’ve been eating there at least once a week for almost 4 years now.   Everything is made in-house, the bread baked fresh, and most of the meats smoked by the Master of the Kitchen, Gai.  He also the creative force behind their pulled pork, and the various baked goods at their Cafe, Lolo’s ToGoGo including my other personal favorite, the boche ball.  This puff pastry of chocolate gooyeness turns me into a food covered five year old each time.

A “Creation”
Their salads are my favorite: ranging from Tuna to Egg to Chicken to the caviar of the south, Pimento Cheese.  The Heart-breaker {Chicken Salad with bacon plus provolone cheese then grilled}  is a truly a cardiologist nightmare. The specials often invoke anything from Pop Culture { The Point Break} to the esoteric {The Byzantium Blast} to whatever the Sandwich “Artists” feel like cooking up that day.  At one point, legend tells that they were making gumbo gravy, and soaking the bread in it for extra flavor.  But they don’t forget their Veggie friends, with a cashew green olive spread and house-made hummus, any sandwich you order can vegan for a low low price.  

Located on the tail end of Lexington, this is my secret oasis. They are open from 10 till 5pm Monday through Saturday. Prices are always reasonable-you can get a soup, sandwich, chips and a pickle for under 10 bucks.

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